Introducing the host of Metaphysics Today

Hi, my name is Belinda and I am thrilled you are here! Please make sure you join my website before you leave today, it’s about to start exploding💜

I have been on my own metaphysical journey since early 2016. While I have dabbled in a few areas in the past, this year I have started to explore and experience many areas of metaphysics.
My journey started in February 2016. I was going through yet another low period in my life. Not only was it difficult for me to acknowledge there was a problem, I was also devastated to find myself back in my dark place. My dark and lonely place. Apart from my man and my bestie, no one knew. I didn’t want to share that side of me.
In the past, at least, I had some excuse. Workplace bullying, marriage failure, job loss quickly followed by family court.  These were understandable reasons to fall apart, to shut the world out. Friends knew some of the story but many more knew nothing.

I was the person who had it altogether, I was able to handle any problem thrown my way. Other people’s opinions did not matter to me, I was strong, independent, not afraid to speak my mind….where had that person gone?
So when I fell apart this time, I was like “what the? What is wrong with me?” There was no reason for this decline and that was what shattered me the most.

All the times I was called a loser, told my children would be better off without me, told that I was the biggest b***h ever, I reiterated over and over in my head until I believed it. I allowed these people to cause me to doubt myself and my personal qualities. I knew this was wrong but it was too late, I had damaged myself more than they had ever damaged me. Because I allowed it.
So I did what I always do, went and saw our family doctor. And she did what she always does: medication and referred me to a psychologist. I believed I had enough knowledge of diet to treat my depression/anxiety to some extent but I felt there was more I could do naturally.

I didn’t want to keep going through this vicious cycle. I wanted to heal myself and never be in this position again.
I have kept a diary since February of my experiences. It’s now the beginning of September and I am ready for my next venture. I wouldn’t say I never feel depressed or anxious (certainly felt both already since the Mercury Retrograde started 2 days ago!!) but I am on the path towards being healed.

And my bad days are just that, a day. Sometimes even less. I am more in tune with my thoughts and am learning to deal with the negative ones so that they don’t control me anymore.
My blog will commence very shortly, still fine tuning a few things on my website (very technology challenged – is it crazy that I’m starting a business which depends on this?? Lol, perhaps). I wanted to share my story to show others how I am travelling this journey. Everyone has a different story, they take different paths. I believe my story will help others in a similar situation.
At the end of the day, that is the point of this website. I want to help others. I hope to share knowledge that I have learnt and continue to learn so that your life can be improved also. I have many dreams and aspirations which will become clearer as time passes.
In the meantime, join me on this adventure. Sign up now and enjoy my blog. Follow me via social media, let’s get to know one another. Reach out, ask me questions if you feel you have no one else you can ask. I’m no doctor or trained medical person. But chances are, I’ve thought similar thoughts, felt similar situations and am here to help in whatever way I can.
Who am I? Well I’m a mum to 3 beautiful children. I’m the lucky partner of an amazing man. I am someone who has a ready smile for everyone. I’m a woman who was meditating one day (another new experience for me) and came up with an amazing business idea. I’m a daughter who recently felt the arms of my long deceased father wrap around me. I’m almost 40 and trying to embrace exercise and bring it to my daily life (for the first time ever!!). I can be cheeky and sarcastic, warm and loving, ditsy or  clever and I think I’m pretty funny too (people are laughing, I’m sure it’s not at me😉). I write as I speak, including using too many emojis 😎
But that’s all ok, because I am me and I’m pretty happy with who I am.
So I do hope you’ll join me and join in on the fun. It is free to sign up for now, membership will become necessary before the television show launches (early 2017 – date to be advised) so get in now and get to know me.

Hopefully I’ll offer good value for your time.
Love and light