What’s come over me??? Affirmations that’s what

Two blog posts in one day – WINNING!!

About a month ago, I was given a task which seemed simple enough. A task (as I was told) would improve my ability to be more present.

I worry. I worry about everything. At least that’s what I used to tell myself when I was younger. These days it is classified as anxiety. And it can be debilitating. I know, I’ve been there. The sad thing is, most of my “worries” were about future events. Or I replayed past events over and over.

I wasn’t living in the here, the now.

So a month ago I was asked to do this: say “I accept where I am right now” multiple times per day. Actually, I was also asked to say “I am a spiritual being having a human experience” but that’s a slightly different story. I might come back to that if there’s time.

To be honest, when I was given these exercises I really didn’t see how these words would change anything. But I was willing to try. I had read enough about positive affirmations yet hadn’t played around with them much. It just didn’t sit comfortably with me. Let alone mirror work! I digress…

Every time I was in the car, I repeated these affirmations. While I was doing the dishes, I repeated them. At any moment of each day where I remembered, I repeated them.

The experiment lasted 2 weeks. At the end of that time I went back to report the changes. I had ceased worrying about both the past and the future. Completely! I think I even had a yucky argument with my partner during that time and didn’t dwell on it all day long (as I do…did!)

I was starting to take in the moments life presented to me, paying attention to world and it’s wonder around me. Even a simple drive to school was more vibrant and alive, yet relaxing at the same time.

I became more patient. I took the time to listen more carefully to those around me. I was more at peace within myself.

What also happened was I began to want to say more positive affirmations to myself. And so I did. Any random wonderful words that would come to mind when I said “I am”, I would say. I am healthy, happy, wealthy, successful etc. I gathered myself quite a little list of positive words to tell myself I was.

Then it increased to things like I am at peace with all I interact with, I am connected to Spirit, I am confident in all I do etc.

And I can feel it raising my vibration. In fact, I can feel it rising again now just writing and re reading this blog!

So just as those simple words “I accept where I am right now” helped me to become more present, so will all the other affirmations I am saying to myself – at least twice per day. I understand now I don’t have to believe them straight away, that will come. And as I come to believe, then the manifesting will really begin.

On a side note, the second affirmation I mentioned earlier “I am a spiritual being having a human experience”…well I am still working on this. I know I have major blockages around this topic, always seeking evidence or proof of it. I have rejected the possibility since I was a young girl so I understand it will take me more than a few weeks to change this view.

However I do believe it’s possible and that’s a pretty good place to start.

Love and light

Belinda xo

Day 1 – Belinda’s journal

Hi everyone…yes I am still here – hooray!

And I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel…finally!

Today I am committing to keeping a journal – well, 2 actually but I will tell you about the other another time.

There’s been a few messages which have literally been screaming at me for so long that I cannot ignore them any more. Patterns kept emerging over and over, to the point – where I am now – which is daily I am being reminded of just 2 things. 2 daily tasks I have been somewhat hesitant to include (or, if I am truthful, I have not made the time for myself to do).

So what are these 2 things you ask? Well, one is keeping a journal. I have felt for some time that my own personal journey has a lesson to share for others. What that lesson is I am still unsure of. Although I have taken time in the past to keep notes of synchronicity, signs and messages, I haven’t made the time to write them up fully. I think I haven’t been ready to be that visible or vulnerable.

The second message I’ve had repeatedly is to simply meditate. To take 5 minutes out of my day to quieten my mind. And again, I have avoided this. Or rather have done it haphazardly.

Today I have done both. And commit to doing both daily from here on.

I will also attempt to update a second blog, at least twice a week, regarding previous events along my journey.

So today I have been enjoying listening to the final few interviews from the Hay House World Summit. I have loved this years summit, my main takeaway this year is I LOVE WAYNE DYER! Finally, it’s out. What an amazing man, a shame I didn’t come across him years ago (thought chances are I wasn’t ready for him them).

I watched The Shift during the summit last year and absolutely loved it. This year I managed to get my partner to watch it with me. He found it just as eye opening as I did.

I also listened to a couple of his audio interviews which were great too. But when I watched his presentation on his book “The Power of Intention” – OMG! I had to pause it and get my notepad. It was full of gold. I told myself afterwards that I would have to get his book.

Over the past weekend, here in Adelaide we hosted a Body Mind and Psychic Fair. I decided to go (alone!) with the purpose of meeting some businesses who might like to work with me in the near future. I met some wonderful people and purchased a few new goodies to try out too. But the highlight for me? This was during a browse of a book stall, where I found Wayne’s book.

I am going to add that to my list of successful manifestations! And it was certainly my quickest to date!!

Love and light

Belinda xo

PS I’ll be back tomorrow, promise

Where have you been Belinda??

Firstly, I will get better at this blogging thing. Lately,
I’ve felt not in the right head space to write. I think
it’s because of my (way too much) self sabotaging
thoughts. I almost feel like I don’t have the skills to
make this business succeed…or that no one will
buy into it. Or both. Or just that I am a fraud and a

Wow, real positive hey?

I’ve hidden away for so long now, it scares me silly
to put myself out there again. Whether that be on
my blog or my social media pages, or even in a
Facebook group! And then I get upset or angry at
myself for letting this happen.

I am the one in control of my thoughts. I must
redirect these thoughts to more positive ones
which will allow me to start taking teeny tiny steps
towards this launch. Because if I don’t, what will
happen? Well, a whole range of things will but the
most important?


I will know if my business could’ve been a success. I
will never know if it could’ve helped others the way
I intended it to. I will never know if this was my

Fear can stop many things. It can stop issues being
dealt with and resolved. It can stop a potential
earning of an income. It can stop living a life.

It’s been a roller coaster few months here. Not only
have I been trying to deal with my own anxieties,
my youngest child has also severely struggled with
his. We all show our anxieties differently, I withdraw,
he becomes angry. And/or violent. He’s only 8.

So naturally, as a mum, I feel guilt for this. Is it my
fault? What can do differently? How can I help him?
And of course, my guilt only worsens my anxiety.

And around and around we go.

But of course, none of this helps. It doesn’t
magically improve the situation, in fact it just plain
makes it worse! How can I be a successful,
engaging business owner if I tell myself a 100
times a day how s**t I am? How can I pretend?
Well, I can’t. Because that’s just not me.

So what do to do?

Number 1, is write and post this blog! And get an
email out to my amazing subscribers to let them
know I’m still here and am making attempts to
come out of the shadows.

Then (eek!!) I will share it across my social media
channels. I will face the world and explain why I’ve
been silent and commit to being more visible

I will continue to work behind the scenes preparing
for my launch. I will reach out to businesses I would
like to invite on my show.

And most importantly, I will recommit to my daily
self care activities of meditation, gratitude and EFT.
Each day I make a choice, do I deserve to feel
better or don’t I? Do I deserve to put the time in to
look after myself?

I say yes!

Now tell me about you…where are you in your self
care habits? Do you undertake them daily? Have
you a suggestion others can learn from? I have (just
this week) created a list of my top 5 metaphysical
activities which I will send to new subscribers to my

Those of you who have already signed up (a
thousand thank you’s) who missed out on this
offering, send me an email today and I will get one
to you straight away.

Love and light
Belinda xo

Mind Reading, Curses and The Power of the Mind

So, I have to start with the most amazing moment which occurred earlier this month. I read my partners mind!!! Now, he doesn’t agree with that statement, so I’ll be keen to hear your thoughts…

On the weekend, my partner was telling me a story about a client of his. He was talking about how the father of the client had died many years ago and was about to explain what he did for work.

The thought appeared in my head “train driver”. Why I thought that I don’t know. Was it because my dad passed away many years ago and I was assuming a similar story to mine? Except that my dad wasn’t a train driver, he was a station master. So where did the thought come from?

He says: “he worked on the railways, repairing the tracks”. I immediately said “OMG! I just thought train driver. I read your mind, well, almost. My vision must have been a little hazy”. He just shrugged it off with a laugh, as a coincidence and nothing more. What do you think? Do you agree?

I can see how some may agree with my partner, a lot of people don’t believe in mind reading. I was surprised that he didn’t consider the possibility of it at all, as it was only a month or so ago he told me I had put a curse on him…lol, let me explain.

I didn’t write a diary entry on this event so I am not sure of the date but it was fairly recent – as in, the last couple of months. One morning, I was hit by an exercise bar which was left over a doorway. I forgot it was there (short person, does not look up!) and closed the door, the result a very grumpy me (why was it left there? Why isn’t it safe for me to shut a door in my house?) Yes, slightly irrational thoughts looking back but my left arm was in a lot of pain and already bruising so I had myself a little negative thought moment.

A couple of nights later, my partner mentioned an ache on his arm which he couldn’t work out what had caused it. While we were talking about it, I noticed it was a similar spot on his left arm to my injured arm. I started poking my bruise to notice no pain. I looked at my arm and the bruise was gone. And it had been a nasty bruise!

I said to him: “that’s funny, your pain is in the same spot as my bruise but it’s gone”. He looked at my arm in disbelief. “Are you serious? Hey, it is in the same spot as mine!” He got up to have a closer look at my arm. It was still slightly raised and swollen, but the bruise was gone and so was my pain.

He sat down and looked at me, he can have quite an intense stare sometimes and I got one of those then. Then he says: “you put a curse on me the other day. Were  you thinking mean thoughts when you hurt yourself?” What could I say? I couldn’t lie but as if I would curse him!

” Well yes I was grumbling about why I got hurt because you didn’t put the bar away, but I didn’t curse you”. He said “you didn’t mean to but you clearly did.”

We had a bit of a joke about it and the verdict is still out on whether or not my thoughts did cause him pain. He is the one who still believes I did, so it’s funny that he doesn’t believe I could’ve read his mind. Maybe the thought of it is just too much for him…haha.

Anyway, we know the strength out thoughts can have, they can bring both the good and the bad universally. So it’s definitely made stop to reconsider my thoughts a number of times since then.

For example, we’ve recently had storms unlike that which I’ve ever seen before, there were a few times when either he or I were out driving on the roads and worry would set in about what “could” happen.

I very quickly recognised these negative thoughts (worries) and replaced them with angel prayers (the night I was driving) and positive affirmations (the nights he was still on the roads). Whether these positive actions changed the course of our day, we will never know. But why risk wallowing on the negatives, especially if they are about what “could” happen? And more so, if it can bring those worries to reality.

We all know the saying “bad things come in 3’s”…how many of us believe that? I know I always have and it’s been proven on so many occasions! So why is it so hard to believe that our positive thoughts can bring about positive changes?

I think it’s probably because that seems too easy. We have to work and work hard to get what we want, don’t we? At least, that’s what I’ve always been told and I am sure it’s true for many of you.

It so much harder to believe positive thoughts can bring positive action into our life, than it is to believe the same about negative thoughts. And yet I truly believe the same rules apply, regardless of which direction your thoughts take.

What about you? Have you started to experience weird moments or coincidences since you started your metaphysical journey? And what have your thoughts been about today? Do they need a tweak or are you already living your most positive thoughts?

Share your stories,
Belinda xo

What is the point of this blog???

Hello and welcome! This may be the first post of mine that you read, I hope it’s entertaining enough to convince you to stick around awhile.

A little about me, I’ve always loved to write. Story books as a child, poetry as a teen. Life and motherhood saw me stop writing of almost any kind for almost 20 years (except for shopping lists and work related reports). But a few years ago the thought started to nag me that I had a book inside me. All of a sudden I knew I wanted to tell my story.

Over those past few years, that story has changed. I have set up 2-3 blogs before (the last the most successful and well read, but I wrote under a pseudonym and in the end it didn’t feel honest enough). My iPad holds 3 different novels I’ve commenced over that time too.

But my latest idea felt the most real to me. The story of how I got my life back on track. The steps I took to make changes. The journey of poverty to wealth. A day by day account of the ups and the downs. I wanted to show that anyone can change their life and that they are the ones who hold the power to do so.

This website is the perfect place to share this story as it and I are still a work in progress. Where I’ve travelled in the last 6 months has changed me, emotionally and spiritually but not as yet financially. While the weekly show will offer many specialists sharing their knowledge of a particular subject in metaphysics, my blog shows what I’ve tried, what I’ve felt, what I’ve seen.

We’ve all read the books where the author shares the story of their life previously, the good the bad and the ugly. But all we as readers see is a successful author/life coach/etc who describes those periods in their past. Where is the story of the person currently travelling that path now? Watching and learning from the steps they are taking or have recently taken? Being there with them the day where there was -$50 in the bank account and the day everything changed?

When I first started this journey, I thought making a wish and really believing it was all I had to do (and buy lotto tickets – of which I will say I win more than I don’t but to date it’s always been a minimal amount). Then, when I started to go downhill a little again, I realised there were many other little steps I could take to bring that wish to fruition.

Those little steps led me to this business idea. I now see this business idea will bring the financial freedom I’ve been searching for. And that idea came from a meditation session (something I’ve never done before commencing this journey).

So here I am, August 2016 and I am pretty sure my personal bank account is $-8 (at least it was yesterday). I’m not poor, we have food, we have our home (well we have the money to pay the rent), we are mostly in good health (though my partner and little boy both could benefit from some magic – I’m working on them, baby steps). I have the greatest of loves in my life, my 2 youngest children love me as much as I do them (I hope my eldest does too though he is currently not showing it). All in all, I’m happy! And I definitely couldn’t say that 6 months ago.

I hope you enjoy reading and following my journey, always feel free to contact me. I want to help people, I always have just now it’s in a new role. I’m showing my most vulnerable moments hoping others can learn from them and grow themselves. I’m here to learn too, make new friends. I am actually excited to see where the next 12 months will take me. And I’ll be glad to have you here with me.

Love and light
Belinda xo

What is Metaphysics Today?

Welcome to my website!

I am an almost 40 year old mum of 3 who has been living a roller coaster the past few years. Lots of good times but too many low times as well.

I have no metaphysical qualifications my self as yet, I am no expert. I am however smart and business savvy, have excellent marketing and networking capabilities and generally am considered an easy going, friendly person.
On the 9th June 2016, I was meditating when a business idea starting forming in my mind. It was a television talk show discussing metaphysics. I was pretty excited by this idea as I knew in myself that I had the skills to be the host. In fact, when I told my bestie my idea, she laughed and said “what? The Billy Kay Show?” This comment was based on an idea we had had in high school about an Australian version of The Ricki Lake Show (hope most of you are old enough to remember that one lol). So I had known back then I had the personality for such a role (even if I do go beetroot red when public speaking!!)
So this idea hit me 2 months ago. The first thing I did was research…Google my friend! I knew I couldn’t walk in to Channel 7 tomorrow and pitch my idea, that’s just crazy. But I wondered if I could host a television show on the Internet…and (more importantly) was there already one online covering metaphysics.
Apparently, everyone’s making web TV shows (and many are generating incomes!) and it’s pretty easy to set up! And, more excitedly, there was not one website I could find in the WORLD offering what I wanted to. OMG!
See here I am, in full planning mode at present. Building the website, about to gain a qualification in small business management, networking and learning. I don’t have a start date as yet, I am envisioning within the next few months but that depends on how everything comes together.
So what is Metaphysics Today? Like I said, it’s a talk show. I will interview 2-3 specialists per episode which will be aired weekly on my website. I intend to have a kids segment each show also. I am teaching my children about metaphysics as I learn and I fully believe this “stuff” can help all our kids, hopefully building more compassionate and loving generations of adults to come.
We are going to talk everything Metaphysical. From Fairies and Angels to Phsyics and Mediums, from Reiki and Kinesiology to Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing. I have also been watching some businesses who use dance for healings, teas and oils for balancing and I cannot wait to connect with them and learn more. What I’ve tried and has helped me are the types of topics I want to talk about.
I also love the idea of holding group specialist panels where we can ask live questions on the day, readings from Tarot, Runes and Spirit.
Television is such an easy form to take in information, to become inspired and want to learn more. At least it is for me and hopefully for you too.

Following each episode, I will have links available for each specialist so you can look them up personally if you’ve felt connected to them. While initially most of my interviews will be recorded locally (though I am learning about how to conduct online interviews at this moment) assistance and services from these specialists can often be completed via distance so if you don’t live in Adelaide Australia like I do, you can still connect with them from America or Africa.
Now I am ever keen for suggestions, I have a lengthy list but there is always a chance you know of other services which you feel passionate about. So please do let me know. And I am still conducting my market research so if you think you are a potential viewer of my show or a specialist, contact me for a questionnaire. Any assistance is appreciated.

Love and light